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The Problem:

You’re a social change professional or student in your 20s or 30s.  You’re pretty burnt out, financially strapped, debating what your next steps should be.

You’re ready for a change, wanting to reconnect with your inner fire, but not sure how to make that happen.

The problems in the world are only getting bigger, and you want to make local and global impact.

You have unique leadership skills, but no one else seems to truly appreciate that yet.


The Solution:

It’s time to create some openness.

Join a FREE webinar on the “10 Lessons Every Social Change Professional Needs to Unlearn.” 

Turns out, the things you thought you knew about being an activist may be myths that are just holding you back.

Is it possible to have a meaningful job AND a thriving personal life? (Hint: Yes, but only you can create it.)

Join the call to take your first step in that direction.

The Details:

When: Tuesday November 5th 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

Where: Online, details will be sent after registration


Join live to be eligible for a special offer at the end of the call (recording will also be made available).

Bring a friend and receive 20% off your first coaching session from Rabble Up (must be used within 6 months).

Register now by emailing heythere@rabbleup.com with “WEBINAR” in the subject line.

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