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Make change, get paid, and love yourself in the process.


Through my sessions with Alicia I was able to define and break down the mental and emotional road blocks that were inhibiting me from advancing my career. Prior to this work I could see the problems I was having, but felt like I didn't have the tools to tackle or change them. Due to my work with Alicia I have successfully transitioned from a dissatisfying job into a life-expanding freelancing career.

- E.M.C., age 30, Brooklyn, NY, TV Producer

I came to coaching to help sort out the millions of ideas I had for next steps in my career. I was overwhelmed! Alicia helped me define my values, what I'm good at, what I like to do and what I need to be successful and happy. She helped me redefine what leadership is for me-- which helped me boost my self confidence as I sat in an unsatisfying job and started a new career search. 

Alicia also helped me tangibly work on my personal mission statement, which I come back to often when I feel like I'm becoming unfocused in my job search. She also helped me develop specific networking and conversation skills that I use all the time during events and informational interviews.

Alicia's coaching was critical to my growth!

- R.W. New York, Social Worker and Community Organizer

Alicia coached me through a challenging transitional period in my life and career. I left our sessions with a clearer sense of my values and goals as well as tools and action items to grow as a leader. I've learned how to remain grounded amid uncertainty, embrace vulnerability, and prioritize self-care. I appreciated Alicia's brilliant balance between guiding me to ask the hard questions and holding me accountable when I found the answers.

- K.M., age 26, Washington, D.C., Writer, Editor, Communications Consultant

I want to say the clichéd line, “Alicia never ceases to surprise me!” But, the fact is, that’s not really the case. After working with Alicia for over half a year, I know what I’m getting into when we begin a coaching session. More specifically, I know some important shift will take place during our session thanks to the skills and talents Alicia brings to the table. So, I’m no longer surprised at the progress I make within each coaching session – I’ve begun to expect it! Our synergy takes me to a new level of awareness every single time. And, it’s not just a “high” that lasts for a few hours and then goes away. It’s a sustaining energetic influence that helps keep me moving forward day after day.

- J.V., age 25, Dallas, TX, pursuing a Masters in Educational Leadership

Wow, I have learned so much more about myself through working with Rabble Up. Alicia was able to help me define my value system that will serve as a guide in my upcoming job search. Most importantly, she understood and empathized with my apprehensions and fears, and gave me many practical ideas to be successful.

- X.D.Y., age 24, New York, NY, Social worker and activist