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Alicia Jay Alicia Jay, Founder and Principal, CPC (Certified Professional Coach)


Welcome! My name is Alicia Jay. My background is primarily in the fields of leadership development, gender justice, and philanthropy (longer bio is below).

I come to Rabble Up having worked in the progressive movement for 10 years, and spent those same 10 years figuring out how to make change, get paid, and stay sane. It hasn’t always been easy.

If you’re reading this, you probably already know how easy it is to give yourself over to the cause, work long hours, for little money, and still constantly wonder if you’re really making a difference.

My story is no different. I’ve been through my fair share of months barely paying the rent, stressed out 60+ hour work weeks, and somewhat-existential breakdowns wondering if social justice is all a pointless battle. But, I wasn’t willing to stay in those moments for very long.

I’m committed to the idea that it doesn’t have to be this way, and have now worked with hundreds of people to pull themselves out of this ‘stuckness’ and find true alignment with their passions and needs. I know now that is entirely possible for this generation of social change leaders to live differently and create new expectations for our movement.

While there are many leadership development training programs out there (and I love most of them), there are fewer resources that provide an individual leader with the tailored support they need to move forward. Workshops and one-size-fits-all curriculums are really useful, up until a certain point. I have found that lasting change really comes from ongoing support and guidance that is designed for each person’s unique situation, personality, desires, and strengths. For me, individual coaching has been a cornerstone of building my career.

That’s where coaching and Rabble Up comes in. I am here to work with YOU. I am here to help YOU find alignment with your deepest values (or maybe even figure out what those values are first!) and share some wisdom about how to make change, get paid, and stay sane. Again, it won’t be easy, but it is absolutely possible. I can’t wait to hear from you.

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Official Bio

Alicia Jay is a Co-Founder and the Managing Director of Make It Work, a national campaign working towards economic security for women, men, and families in the US. She is also a certified coach, and the Founder and Principal of Rabble Up, a coaching and training program for emerging social change leaders. With expertise in leadership development, transformative coaching, and movement-building, Alicia brings a commitment to racial, gender, and class justice while maintaining a strategic focus on impact and sustainability. Most recently, Alicia served as a member of a small grantmaking team at the Atlantic Philanthropies, funding civic engagement in the United States. Alicia managed efforts on the connections between research and policy organizations, and leadership development groups, in relationship to community organizing. This portfolio as a whole granted over $50 million in two years of operation. Prior to her tenure with Atlantic, Alicia served as the Associate Director of Fellowships at Young People For, a program of People for the American Way Foundation. In this role, Alicia directed a fellowship program of 150 students nationwide, serving as a coach and trainer on community organizing skills and anti-oppression work. Before joining Young People For, Alicia worked at the Civil Liberties and Public Policy Program, a leadership development organization working to broaden the reproductive health agenda and train a new generation of reproductive justice advocates. Alicia sits on the Advisory Board of the Third Wave Fund.