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Be Gentle: An Ode to the End of Summer

It’s officially mid-August, and my days are feeling very slow. As some of you know, my partner, our dog-child, and I have moved part-time to the beautiful Hudson Valley, about 1 1/2 hours outside of NYC. It’s been a stunning summer full of sunsets, hiking, and impromptu lake swims.

I’m also superbly lucky to have a flexible schedule, which has allowed me to stay up here for the last few weeks of August. I’m feeling very slow and very hazy, and I’m loving it.

Over the last few months, I’ve had a lot of conversations about rest. Usually, it’s the wintertime that we all associate with slowing down, hibernating, and recuperating before the rebirth of Spring sets in. But, I feel very compelled to bring this same energy to the summer, and throw out some of the nagging guilt that seems to creep in every time I start taking it easy.

Clients and friends alike have been finding themselves in a similar inner war: Fighting between their natural urge to rest, and their inner critic ready to press play on their broken “Get It Done Now” record.

Therefore, I have one easy piece of advice for these last few weeks of summer: Be Gentle.

If it’s not absolutely urgent, or you’re not on a strict deadline, DON’T DO IT. Let your gut be your guide and follow your natural instincts. Tired? Take a nap. Work bringing you down? Take a slow walk around the block during lunch. Cook yourself gloriously colorful meals. Spend a full hour on the phone with your best friend. Read a book quietly by yourself with some iced tea.

Life can be, and sometimes should be, just that simple.

The beginning of September will surely bring new adventures and overbooked schedules, so please take this time to just…be. Nurse your spirit, cradle your soul, and be gentle.

Wishing you all a fabulously unproductive rest of the month.


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