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From What Are You Ready To Be Liberated?

I’m really attracted to the idea of not caring what other people think.

Sometimes, I am golden. Coasting the waves of life feeling free of others’ judgement, fully expanded as my true self.

And other times, it’s a bit more of a mess. Tangled with anxiety, worried that what I just did or will do next is wrong, a bad choice, not good enough, disappointing someone. Those moments are a reeeeeeal drag. And, completely human.

So, if I’m in the pursuit of my own liberation, what does that really look like?

Ocean of liberationThroughout my twenties, it meant dipping my toe in the ocean of freedom, and then running back to shore as quickly as possible. Then, slowly walking back towards the ocean to submerge my whole foot, and then just maybe, up to my knees. It meant taking risks, and then collapsing into myself completely ashamed and terrified. But then, being able to jump that much farther the next time.

It meant choosing creativity and innovation instead of the safe road, finding the people who inspired and brought out my innermost vulnerabilities, and waking up each morning being willing to face the reality of ME.

Slowly but surely, I started to get to know the pieces of myself that are truly my own, and the pieces that have been constructed by someone or something else.

Now, swimming in that ocean of liberation feels a lot less chilly, and a lot more welcoming. 

And when those moments of old, tired, burdensome self-judgement and fear creep in (which they might always continue to do), I remind myself that “not giving a f-ck” is way more sexy and sweet than staying hidden under a rock during this short thing we call life.

So, from what are you ready to be liberated?

Here’s my own ongoing (like…forever) LIBERATION LIST:

– Choosing freedom over guilt

– Choosing humor over anger

– Choosing real wealth

– Choosing power over meekness

– Choosing nourishment over criticism

– Choosing depth and breath

– Choosing to say “sorry” only once

– Choosing action over inaction

– Choosing to be bold when everyone around me is acting small

What’s on your list?

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