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The Beauty of Living in the Unknown


As we head into winter, traditionally a period of stable rest, I find my life looking a little different than usual.

There are a few things right now that are a bit unsettled—balls that have been tossed in the air but have yet to land. There are multiple moving pieces, each affecting the next, most of which are out of my control.

This state of being is not, exactly, my comfort zone.

We humans love to try to map and chart the future.

But, it’s been the moments when I’ve allowed myself to free-fall and confronted my fears, when transformation has truly taken hold.

So, it is in these times of change that I’m once again presented with an opportunity to sit in the unknown, and find the expansiveness and freedom that comes along with it.

It’s a learning curve for me, but I will share what I’ve gathered so far, and am continuously trying to put into practice:

1)   All we can ever do is be present.

This isn’t new. We all know it. But knowing is different than embodying, and mindfulness is a muscle that needs to be constantly exercised.

Breathe. Notice what ’s around you. Repeat.

Breathe. Notice what’s around you. Repeat.

Breathe. Notice what’s around you. Repeat.

Deep breath image

2)   Acknowledge the voices, then set them free.

The voices of worry, anxiety, fear, and stress can be quite loud.

Instead of trying to stop yourself from feeling a certain way (which will always be futile anyway, and just ensure a snowball effect), notice the voices, acknowledge what they have to say, and then send them on their way.

“I see you anxiety. I acknowledge your presence. And I set you free.”

Simple, but it still requires a hefty dose of diligence.

3) Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude.

Though some big questions may be unanswered for me right now, there are many big things that aren’t. Appreciating all is that is known, can bring some much needed perspective and gratitude.

Close your eyes and list off 5 stable things that you’re thankful for, or make a list of 5 things every day. It will help to reality-check that hovering, ungrounded feeling.

Your stability could come from the enduring consistency of the autumn leaves falling from the trees, or from your deep inner knowing that you will always show up for yourself.

And, after all:

“If the only prayer you ever say in your whole life is thank you, that would suffice.” –Meister Eckhart (Tweet it!)

This winter season may bring more exploration my way than it does rest, but no less an opportunity for taking stock.

I invite anyway else who is sitting in the unknown, to join me in finding the beauty in the openness of what lies ahead, and breathe your way through it all.


What are YOUR strategies for dealing with the unknown? Leave a comment on the blog, or get in touch at alicia@rabbleup.com.

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