Rabble Up

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Make change, get paid, and love yourself in the process.


Rabble Up provides trainings and workshops for colleges, organizations, and companies interested in providing their membership, staff, or community with an experience of grounded leadership, values alignment, and self-awareness techniques. This is a new model of leadership development that integrates both the inner and external worlds of participants.


Participants will leave the training and workshop sessions with:

- A better understanding of their own unique values, and how those values will serve as a guide on their personal and professional paths;

- Concrete tools to create movement in their lives now, and the skills to build a life and career that sustains them;

- A tangible action plan for self-love and self-care;

- And, connection to the Rabble Up community of like-minded leaders, interested in living with purpose and passion.


Organizations will benefit from:

- Staff, volunteers, or members with greater awareness of their own leadership strengths, challenges, and goals;

- Renewed sense of spirit and commitment to the work;

-  And, new language and tools to further create an environment of sustainability and efficiency into the future;


All trainings are customized to meet the needs of the organization and participants.

Awaken the Leader Within Training

This workshop is designed for anyone that has ever been called passionate, idealistic—a rabble rouser, you could say! We will focus on the tools that changemakers needs to build their leadership, look inward to solidify their true calling, and invest in their own sustainability. Each participant is already a leader, let’s just make the light shine a little brighter.

Workshop exercises will focus on self-awareness and self-care techniques, including:

  • Values Clarification: How to Align Your Daily Life with Your Core Desired Feelings
  • Unique Leadership Message: Uncover the Vision You are Meant to Share with the World
  • Self-Care Strategies: The Anti-Burnout Recipe Book
  • Professional Development 101: How to Talk About Your Work to Anyone, and Other Uncomfortable (but Inevitable) Situations

Recommended for ages 20-35, 1 ½ hours to 4 hours


The Happiness Workshop: a Rabble Up Training on Alignment and Love, the Activist Way

This workshop is a place for changemakers – the do-gooders, the tree huggers, the revolutionaries, and the rebels—to come together in pursuit of their own happiness and fulfillment. It’s time to end the cycle of burnout, and take steps towards alignment and self-love. This workshop is for anyone looking to reignite the fire.

Workshop outcomes include:

  • Clarify and define the values that guide you everyday (a.k.a. you will figure exactly what’s working in your life and what’s not working, and why);
  • Learn strategies to prevent, or alleviate, burnout (cue: deep sigh of relief);
  • And, set achievable goals to move you forward immediately (as in, like, yesterday!), and sustain you for the long-term in your career moving forward.

Recommended for ages 23-35, 1 ½ hours to 4 hours


So You Wanna Lead the Leaders? A Train the Trainer Workshop for Staff

Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of a brand new Millennial! This training is designed for those noble staff working in leadership development, mentoring, or other organizations that work with emerging leaders. We will pull back the curtain and explore techniques and exercises to bring Rabble Up’s mission of grounded leadership, self-awareness, and self-love straight to your constituents. Staff will be asked to answer prep questions ahead of the training in order to tailor the workshop to their specific needs and questions.

We will focus on how to work with emerging activists, including:

  • What the research is saying about Millennial and emerging leaders, and why you need to know it;
  • What are the unique strengths and challenges of emerging social change leaders, and how to deal with both;
  • Coaching techniques and exercises to use with your peeps;
  • And, we can’t forget: self-awareness and self-care practices for staff doing leadership development work.

Recommended for staff of all ages, 1 ½ hours to 4 hours


Email heythere@rabbleup.com to learn more about bringing Rabble Up your way!